FAQ Starting Package


Receiving a package

Q: I’m a degree/PhD. student; can I get a starting package?
A:  You may not. Our service is limited to the exchange students only at the moment.

Q: I am now a member of the Student Union; does it mean I can get a starting package for free?
A: You have to be a member of the Student Union to be able to get the package. You still need to pay separately for the starting package. The fee is 20 € plus 50 € deposit that you get back at the end of your stay after you have returned your whole package.

Q: Can I pay the Student Union fee and the starting pacake fee on the same account?
A: Unfortunately not, the payments go to different accounts. You can of course pay the fees during the same bank visit.

Q: I forgot to print the receipt, what can I do?
A: You can also show the receipts on digital form on your phone, laptop or tablet (such as screenshot) but please note that there is neither computer nor printer in the Starting package storage.

Q: My Starting Package fee receipt is in foreign language, is it ok?
A: Receipt in foreign language is ok as long as the sums on the payment are correct.

Q: Can I reserve a starting package?
A: Our service is based on ‘first come, first served’. So, you can’t reserve a starting package.

Q: If a have paid already, do I get a package for sure?
A: Paying in advance doesn’t guarantee a package. If we can’t provide you a package, we’ll refund your money.

Q: Can I pay the fee in cash?
A: You can’t. Please use the account number given on our ‘payment details’ section.

Q: I am not in Finland yet but I have paid the starting package fee. Can my tutor pick up the package for me and bring the signed contract along?
A: If your tutor picks up the package for you, you can still bring the signed contact to the Starting Package office later on after you have arrived. The contract paper asks for the condition and number of the items in the package so you should not sign it before you have seen the package in real.

Q: Can my friend or family member pay the starting package fee or does it have to be deducted from my own bank account?
A: Your friend and family member can also pay the fee. Also you can pay the starting package fee for another person. Just remember to bring the receipt along with the student union fee receipt.

Q: I requested my tutor to get my starting package instead of me. Is it possible for him/her to get my starting package without any receipt?
A: Yes, your tutor can pick up the package for you without the receipt. Just remember to bring the receipts of the payment of student union fee and starting package fee when you come to sign the contract. Please do it within 2 weeks from your arrival.

Q: Can I just get part of the package?
A: Unfortunately the package is only rented as whole.


Q: Can a friend/tutor return my starting on my behalf?
A: Yes, your friend/tutor can return your starting package. Please make sure you have given us your bank info and that the package is clean and dry when returned.


Q: I am an EU/EEA student; can I get deposit in cash?
A: You can’t. Cash deposit option is only for non-EU/EEA students.

Q: How long does it take to get my deposit back?
A: Normally it takes up to two business weeks.  During holidays (Christmas, New Year etc.) it may take up to three to four business weeks.