Welcome to the University of Turku, new student!

If you are starting your bachelor's or master's degree here, you are automatically a member of the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY). Exchange students are also welcome to join the Student Union, and it is very much recommended. TYY's mission is to make student life a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all students at the University of Turku. The most important thing to keep in mind about student unions is that they promote students' interests at the university, in the city and even on the national level. The objective is to improve the everyday life of all students.

Influencing and advocacy are TYY's core activities. Whether we are talking about the national government formation talks or projects planned by the City of Turku, TYY is there to speak for students. The Student Union Council decides on our political goals and policies by approving the Political Agenda.

During your first few days at the university, you will likely get acquainted with a subject organisation, and possibly some other student organisations as well. The Student Union provides support to all these organisations. Through its 144 organisations, TYY can be close to you whether you are interested in international activities, music, Nintendo or football. We also rent out event venues to the organisations and individual members. Places like the Q-House ballroom and TYY Sauna may well become familiar to you during your first few weeks.

TYY has something for everyone. A new Student Union Council, which ultimately decides on all matters of the Student Union, will be elected in the Autumn. Also, if you want to help in improving the university's study arrangements and activities, you'll be able to apply to become a student representative in one of the administrative bodies of the university. The Turku Student Magazine is always looking for contributors. There are also the TYY Wings, which are voluntary groups where you can do all kinds of things, for example in regards to development cooperation or student culture.

One of the best things about TYY is that it can introduce you to students of different disciplines. The Student Union brings together all 15,000 students from eight faculties and encourages them to think about their common interests. Have a browse through our website to find out more about all our different organisations and the services we provide for our members!

For more information, you can read this student's guide, but also ask your tutor or anyone who is involved with TYY. There are surely such people in your own subject or faculty organisation. Have a great time at the university!


Akseli Tiitta

chairperson of the executive board, Student Union of the University of Turku


puh. +358 45 3205125