Starting Package

The student unions of the universities in Turku (TYY, ÅAS), the student union of the Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novium), and the Turku University of Applied Science (TUAS) run a starting package storage where exchange students can borrow a package with household items which they then return before they leave Turku.

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Opening Hours:

WEEK 18:

Thu 2.5. 14:30-16:00

WEEK 19:

Mon 6.5. 15-16:30

Wed 8.5. 14:30-16:00


Tue 14.5. 12-14:00

Thu 16.5. 10-12

Fri 17.5. 11-13  


Tue 21.5. 09-11 AND 14-16  CLOSED due to a sick leave.

Thu 23.5. 10-12

Fri 24.5.  14-16  


Mon 27.5. 15-17

Tue 28.5. 12-14

Wed 29.5. 14-16

Thu 30.5.  13-15

Fri 31.5. 10-12

You'll find us here:
The Starting Package Storage is located in Rehtorinpellonkatu 4B, in the basement.

It's next to the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY), and opposite of Turku School of Economics (TSE). The building is in the backyard of the Student Cafeteria Assarin Ullakko and in the same yard where the pub Proffa is. In the corner of the yard, you'll see the Starting Package sign. Follow the signs to the basement!

Any Questions?

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Package contents

The starting package include:

  • a pillow (50x60)
  • a blanket (150x200)
  • curtains
  • a cooking pot
  • a sharp cutting knife
  • a dinner plate
  • a soup plate or soup bowl
  • a drinking glass
  • a coffee mug
  • cooking item (plastic cooking spoon or spatula)
  • a can opener, and
  • a set of flatware (a fork, a knife, a table spoon, and a teaspoon)
  • All the kitchen utensils are put in a plastic box (about 30 liters). The measurement of the box is 430x350x250 mm.

Please note that bed linens, pillow case and blanket covers are not included in the starting package.


There are two ways to borrow a package:

Your tutor picks up a package for you before you arrive

Please let your tutor know in advance whether or not you want the package. Your tutor picks up a package for you during our opening hours. You can pay the package after your tutor has picked up the package. 

Then you'll come to the Starting Package storage (please check the opening hours) within two weeks after your arrival* with the following two receipts (paper/soft version) to sign a contract paper:

Receipt showing that starting package fee (€70) has been paid (€50 deposit and €20 for loaning fee)
Receipt showing that student union membership fee has been paid (fee varies depending on your stay).
Exceptions:TUAS and Novia students: (students don’t need to pay the student union membership fee) Get a student proof from your school (e.g. letter of acceptance/ student card/ student certificate/ registration paper etc.)
If you have received a starting package, and have not signed a borrower's agreement within two weeks* after your arrival, you will receive a penalty fee of €10.00, which will be deducted from your deposit.

You pick up a starting package yourself after you have arrived to Finland

In this case you need to check the opening hours of the storage to see that they fit with your arrival time. Depending on what time you are arriving, the storage might not be open anymore.

To receive a package, you have to show the following two receipts (paper/soft version) and sign a contract paper:

Receipt showing that starting package fee (€70) has been paid (€50 deposit and €20 for loaning fee)
Receipt showing that student union membership fee has been paid (fee varies depending on your stay).
Exceptions: TUAS and Novia students: (Students don’t need to pay the student union membership fee!) Get a student proof from your school (e.g. letter of acceptance/ student card/ student certificate/ registration paper etc.)
It does not matter which payment you make first.

Please read the FAQ

Payment Details

Bank account number (Tilinumero in Finnish): FI25 5716 9020 0256 36
Reference number (Viitenumero in Finnish): 9111
Amount: €70 (of these €50 are a deposit, which you will get back if you return all the items clean and in good condition)

Opening a bank account with a Finnish bank is free of charge, and a Finnish bank account can be very useful for the students esp. coming from outside EU/EEA, since you will need the account to pay for the Student Union membership, the starting package, and your other bills in Finland. Take your tutor with you to the bank to help you.

Students coming from EU/EEA can pay the bills (including starting package payment)  from their home bank account, as long as you can get a receipt of the payment. In that case, please use the following payment information:

Receiver: TYY/Starting Package Turku,
Address: Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A, 20500 Turku
IBAN: FI25 5716 9020 0256 36
Reference number: 9111
Amount: €70
Bank name: Turun Seudun Osuuspankki
Bank address: Maariankatu 4, Turku

It is very important to take a receipt of your payment. Without a receipt we have no way of checking if you have paid for your package or not.

Please note: If you are from a EU-country, your deposit will be paid to your home bank account after you leave. Please tell us your IBAN and SWIFT-code when you borrow the package. For non EU-students, the deposit will be given out in cash at the TYY service desk.

Contract Paper

Please read the following before filling out the contract paper and printing it!

  • Please fill out the contract paper electronically (not by hand)
  • In order to fill out the contract, you may have to save it on your computer
  • Please print out two identical copies of the contract and on both sides of the paper
  • After printing you should have two sheets of paper, one is for you and the other for the Starting Package officer
  • Remember to bring the contract paper with the necessary receipts within two weeks of your arrival
  • The contract paper is not valid unless it has been signed by you in person at the Starting Package office
  • If you don't have access to a printer, we have some spare forms at the Starting Package Storage office.
  • The contract paper asks for the condition and number of the items in the package so you should not sign it before you have seen the package in real

► Contract paper (PDF)


The package should be returned to the starting package storage during the opening hours. It is possible to have a friend or your tutor return your package if you can't make it yourself during the hours. If you send a friend, please make sure you have made arrangments for the refund! If your refund will come as a bank transfer, make sure you have given the storage your IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code.

Please note that the EU students will always receive refund by bank transfer, never in cash. Only non-EU students can receive cash refunds, as is stated in the starting package rental agreement.

If you are from outside the EU, you will receive your refund in cash. After returning the package to the starting package storage, you will be able to receive the cash from the TYY Service Desk (Please check the TYY Service Desk opening hours!). Please note that the TYY Office is closed around Christmas and New Year's and also for the summer holidays. More information about holiday opening hours is available in December and at the end of the spring semester.

Anything that you received in your package that is missing or damaged when you return the package will result in a deduction from your refund. Check your contract to see what items should be in your package when you return it! You can choose to replace any missing items yourself (make sure it matches the item you borrowed) or to take the deduction from your refund, so that the storage can replace the item.

Please remember that all items must be returned clean and dry! If something is dirty or wet, your refund will be less than the whole amount. Deductions for pillows, blankets, and curtains are high, so please return them clean and dry.

The pillow and the blanket must be washed in the washing machine on 60 degrees. Please make sure that there is no stain left after the wash! Please use a drier and make sure that everything is completely dry when you return it.


Instructions for Tutors

Picking up the package for your tutee:

International tutors may pick up packages for their exchange students before they arrive. Tutors are asked to fill out and sign a Tutor Information Card at the starting package office, agreeing to be responsible for the package until the exchange student has signed their own borrower agreement.

Tutors don't have to show any payment receipts to pick up packages.

Please make sure that your students sign the contract within two weeks after their arrival
If a borrower’s agreement is not signed within two weeks after the student’s arrival, a penalty fee of €10.00 will be deducted from the deposit
Please pick up packages ONLY when you have clear consent from your student
You can pick up packages max two weeks before your students arrival
You don't have to book or reserve any time for pick ups, just visit us during our opening hours

Returning packages

Please make sure everything is clean and dry
Please make sure that your student has provided us his/her IBAN and SWIFT/BIC to receive refund
The starting package storage is glad to take donations of things you have bought while studying in Turku or brought with you when you came.

However, we will not accept anything dirty, broken or in bad condition. Also, because the storage is small, we can only accept things that are really useful, like pots, cutlery, plates, towels, bed linens etc. Please, no decorative items like vases or candles!

Please email startingpackage[at] if you would like to know more about what can be donated.


Receiving a package

Q: I’m a degree/PhD. student; can I get a starting package?
A:  You may not. Our service is limited to the exchange students only at the moment.

Q: I am now a member of the Student Union; does it mean I can get a starting package for free?
A: You have to be a member of the Student Union to be able to get the package. You still need to pay separately for the starting package. The fee is 20 € plus 50 € deposit that you get back at the end of your stay after you have returned your whole package.

Q: Can I pay the Student Union fee and the starting pacake fee on the same account?
A: Unfortunately not, the payments go to different accounts. You can of course pay the fees during the same bank visit.

Q: I forgot to print the receipt, what can I do?
A: You can also show the receipts on digital form on your phone, laptop or tablet (such as screenshot) but please note that there is neither computer nor printer in the Starting package storage.

Q: My Starting Package fee receipt is in foreign language, is it ok?
A: Receipt in foreign language is ok as long as the sums on the payment are correct.

Q: Can I reserve a starting package?
A: Our service is based on ‘first come, first served’. So, you can’t reserve a starting package.

Q: If a have paid already, do I get a package for sure?
A: Paying in advance doesn’t guarantee a package. If we can’t provide you a package, we’ll refund your money.

Q: Can I pay the fee in cash?
A: You can’t. Please use the account number given on our ‘payment details’ section.

Q: I am not in Finland yet but I have paid the starting package fee. Can my tutor pick up the package for me and bring the signed contract along?
A: If your tutor picks up the package for you, you can still bring the signed contact to the Starting Package office later on after you have arrived. The contract paper asks for the condition and number of the items in the package so you should not sign it before you have seen the package in real.

Q: Can my friend or family member pay the starting package fee or does it have to be deducted from my own bank account?
A: Your friend and family member can also pay the fee. Also you can pay the starting package fee for another person. Just remember to bring the receipt along with the student union fee receipt.

Q: I requested my tutor to get my starting package instead of me. Is it possible for him/her to get my starting package without any receipt?
A: Yes, your tutor can pick up the package for you without the receipt. Just remember to bring the receipts of the payment of student union fee and starting package fee when you come to sign the contract. Please do it within 2 weeks from your arrival.

Q: Can I just get part of the package?
A: Unfortunately the package is only rented as whole.


Q: Can a friend/tutor return my starting on my behalf?
A: Yes, your friend/tutor can return your starting package. Please make sure you have given us your bank info and that the package is clean and dry when returned.


Q: I am an EU/EEA student; can I get deposit in cash?
A: You can’t. Cash deposit option is only for non-EU/EEA students.

Q: How long does it take to get my deposit back?
A: Normally it takes up to two business weeks.  During holidays (Christmas, New Year etc.) it may take up to three to four business weeks.

Contact us

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Postal address:
TYY / Starting Package Turku,
Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A (ground floor)