Live music at your student organization’s party at Lygas?

Night Club Marilyn & Night Club Vegas aka Lygas has purchased a band PA system. Student organizations have a possibility to use it when there’s live music at their event that is arranged at Night Club Marilyn or Night Club Vegas.

In March 2023 Lygas purchased a band PA system for student organizations to use free of charge at their events at our Night Club Marilyn or Night Club Vegas with live music. However, the event organizer must bring their own roadies for carrying the PA, setting it up, dissembly & bringing it back to the storage within our clubs. Also, organizers must have someone to do the live mixing on their own expense.

We do not loan/rent the PA system for any events outside our clubs. 

List of the PA system:

2pc 18'' subwoofers

2pc 15'' active full-range speakers

2pc 12'' active 2-way loud speaker

24-channel analog mixer

3pc vocal microphones + stands

2pc amplifier microphones

2pc microphones for instruments (violin, flute, saxophone..)

Small rack box, 18-inputs

14x 10m XLR-cables

5x 5m XLR-cables

2x 1,5m XLR-cables

4x 3m plug-in cable

3x Passive DI-box

4x Music stands

2x Poles for connecting full-range speakers and subwoofers


Enough cables to serve all the mentioned equipment + band’s own amplifiers, synthesizer etc..

Pre-party PA-set up times & sound checks are discussed separately for each individual event. Ask more about arranging your student organizations party at our clubs: Mikaela Savolainen 040-5370152,