Corporate collaboration


Corporate cooperation and student benefits

With 15,000 undergraduate and postgraduate student members, TYY is the third largest student union in Finland, whose activities reach students in Turku, Pori, and Rauma. In addition to student advocacy and other tasks, TYY takes care of maintaining student traditions by organising events that have great visibility in the Turku cityscape.

TYY engages in business cooperation aimed at supporting the student union's finances and acquiring services and benefits for students and the Student Union. Through cooperation, companies can develop a positive image among our students and reach a significant number of students and citizens. TYY practices extensive cooperation in the Student Union's activities. The guidelines for business cooperation are defined in a document approved by the Student Union Council.

We offer companies

  • Marketing campaigns in TYY's social media and newsletters

  • Visibility at TYY’s cultural events

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership in the representation of the Executive Board

  • Partnership in the training of organizations

  • Product sample cooperation and communication to member organisations

Corporate relations are taken care of by the Corporate Relations Officer,

Current main partners