TYY Group

TYY Group includes, in addition to TYY’s investment funds, the companies owned by TYY and their affiliates and associated companies.

The long-term objective of TYY’s investment and business activities is the self-sufficiency of the organisational operation, i.e. obtaining such capital that its profits would fund TYY’s organisational operation.

TYY’s investment activities are responsible and compatible with TYY’s values. TYY does not invest in companies whose main revenue is originated from arms, sex or tobacco industry, or gambling. Investments are not made in countries or companies that do not respect human rights or the fundamental rights confirmed by the ILO, or who operate in a manner detrimental to the environment. In its investment activities, TYY also follows the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

Universtas Ltd is a business company owned by TYY, handling real estate and finance investments. In addition to this, Universtas owns a majority share of the Unica Ltd responsible for student cafeterias in Turku and half of the UniGe Ltd, handling business property investments.

Financial Board serves as the general meeting of Universtas Oy.


Universtas Ltd

  • The parent company of the companies of the Student Union
  • Manages the complexity of company activities.
  • Rents out business properties, private apartments and manages investments.


Unica Ltd

  • Owned by Universtas (51 %) and Compass Group FS, Finland (49 %).
  • Manages student and lunch cafeterias and catering service.
  • Several cafeterias many of which are located on campus area.


UniGe Ltd

  • Owned by Universtas (50%) and Gebrese Ltd (50%).
  • Rents out business properties.