Financial support

All support decisions are made by the TYY Executive Board. The decisions are made based on the TYY regulation on organisations and financial support.

Supports offered by TYY

Internationalism of organisations is considered when granting activity support (see internationalism of organisation). The participation possibilities of international students are also considered when granting project and separate support. This is how TYY wants to encourage organisations to consider international students.

Application times, deadlines and guidelines for supports are published on TYY’s website.

Activity support

Activity support is granted for the entire year. An organisation can then use it in any way it wishes. You can apply for the activity support during March of each year through a form on TYY's website. All TYY organisations may apply for activity support with the exception of new organisations that have been granted the organisation status during the same year. The size of the organisation, extent of activity and the organisation’s financial circumstances all play a part in determining the amount of the support.

The annual report, financial statement and auditors’ statement of the previously ended financial year as well as the budget and plan of action of the passing financial year must be appended to the application.

Project support and separate support

Project support is granted for one-time events, innovative events, projects et cetera. Applications must be submitted before the start of the project. The Executive Board handles project support applications four times a year.

Separate support is granted for repeated or highly significant projects that otherwise meet the criteria for project grants.

Granted project and separate support can be redeemed after the project has been executed against receipts and explanations sent to TYY’s Specialist for Student Organisations. A free-form summary should show the nature of the project, and at least the number of participants and the place. The survey should not exceed one page (A4).

Supports must be redeemed by the end of the calendar year following the support.

The TYY Specialist for Student Organisations advises organisations in financial support matters: