What is the Student Union Council?

The Student Union Council (edustajisto, "edari") exercises the highest decision-making power in the Student Union. Its most important tasks include deciding on the contents of TYY's budget and guideline documents, as well as electing the Executive Board. As a Council member, you can influence the development of documents such as TYY's Environmental Plan and Equality Plan and many others. The members of the Council, who are colloquially referred to as "edators" (edaattori), are elected in the Student Union Council Election every two years.

The Council meets approximately once a month. Before meetings, the Council has traditionally participated in evening sessions (iltakoulu) where the topics can be elaborated on and discussed in advance before the meeting. In addition, Council groups and Council members can independently prepare matters in their own way in between meetings.

As a Council member, you may become part of smaller committees which prepare matters for the Council to decide on. To name a few examples, these may include the criteria for organisation grants, the selection of employees and volunteers, financial decisions, and TYY's Strategy. The Council mainly meets in Turku, but meetings are also held on the Rauma or Pori campus, usually about once a year.

In the Council, you get to establish connections with students from other faculties, learn new things, practice different methods of influencing, and better understand the activities of TYY and the university. Anyone can apply to the Student Union Council. You can be a first-year student who is interested in the Student Union's activities, a student organisation powerhouse with years of experience, or a politician with the desire to make an influence. The Council works best when it includes as many types of students as possible.

See the Council's meetings here https://www.youtube.com/@studentuniontyy/videos
Read the Council's minutes here https://www.tyy.fi/fi/tyy/paatoksenteko 

Run for the Student Union Council. Learn more under "Become a candidate".