Environmental Wing

Environmental Wing

  • promotes environmentally friendly procedures among the students and  in the Student Union, the university and the society
  • organises environmental training for TYY’s organisations
  • organises CleanVappu campaign in the spring and participates in TYY sustainable development week in autumn together with the Development Cooperation Wing
  • updates TYY's environmental programme and environmental guide and follows their implementation at all levels

Environmental issues are important in our student union. Check out our environmental programme!

TYY wings are groups of volunteers whose activities are easy to become involved. The members of the wing's core team are elected once a year, but anyone can participate in the action at any time. Wing meetings are open to all students. The Environment Wing operates utilizing an extensive network of people interested in environmental issues.

Environmental Wing's core team 2022-2023

  • Hilja Ingerö
  • Annika Laitinen
  • Lotta Liuhamo
  • Antti Ridal

Everyone is welcome to participate in the activities and meetings organised by the TYY Environmental Wing! Join to the WhatsApp group of Environment Wing HERE!