International students (exchange and degree students) are provided with a personal tutor. Tutors are trained students who volunteer to help and guide new international students. Tutoring is organised by the University of Turku and TYY. Tutors help their students with everyday practicalities during the first weeks and guide them through student life in Turku. The tutor will help you with housing matters, registering at the university, handling the first stage payments in the bank office etc.

Please note, however, that your tutor is also a student and not your academic contact person. Each department at the University has a member of staff appointed for that task. The name of your academic contact person can be found in your acceptance letter.

Peer support activities for mental well being

When students can talk about their issues early on, the need for professional help might decrease noticeably.

On the Mind Support Students are here for you! They offer peer support to their fellow students in all faculties and all campuses also in English. Peer support quickly brings help and relief to difficult situations. At its best, peer support offers new perspectives as well as practical tips to coping with everyday life. It creates hope for the future. 

Read more about On My Mind project.

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