Services for organisations

Rental Premises

From the TYY webpages, you can make a reservation for a few different kinds of facilities. Turku-sali is a good place for meetings and seminars while the TYY Sauna, Campus Chappel, Osakuntasali and Q-House are great for free-time events that members and organisations can reserve.

Read more about the facilities here.

Many organisations also have facilities that other organisations can rent:

  • Parkki
  • Kirkkotie
  • Tivoli

Items for rent

  • Tyyma dining set
  • Button maker and laminating machine
  • Gear for anniversary celebrations
  • Sound system
  • Bike repair kit
  • video projector


You should contact the TYY Specialist in Student Organisations about any questions concerning organisations. The Financial Secretary has special expertise in any financial questions. Other TYY employees can help organisations in their own field of expertise: for example, the Specialist in Academic Affairs looks after department council matters of subject associations and the Specialist in International Affairs works in cooperation with ISTU and ESN.

You should never let your questions go unanswered for too long - the TYY staff is always there to help organisations in any way.


The communication channels below can also be used by organisations. In addition, TYY Specialist for Organisations and the Communications Officer will be happy to help organisations in communicating bigger events. Communication projects should always be started early.

TYY online events calendar and user ID

With the organisation's own user ID, organisations can update their own events in the online events calendar at If you do not have a user ID or have forgotten it, you can request a new one from



Turku Student Newspaper

Organisations receive significant discounts for Turku Student Newspaper announcements. Requests and reservations of announcements should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief,, +358 44 990 0600. Ideas for articles are also very welcome.

Other event calendars etc.

Free online event calendars are also made available by several service providers. In addition, the City of Turku also has a free-of-charge association directory. For example, Menovinkit service of the newspaper Turun Sanomat and the Turku calendar of the City are worth looking into.