Wellbeing, support for studying and student life

During studies and student life students also face challenges and difficulties. These problems can range from learning difficulties and coping with daily life to harassment and bullying. When one faces these kinds of issues there’s no need to feel being left alone. University of Turku and TYY have Students’ support services available for these kinds of matters. Solving the problems can be begun through two basic ideas: discussing about the issue with the person or people involved and, if necessary, contacting early support contact persons.

On My Mind

On My Mind aims to promote student wellbeing through community and peer support activities. Main objective is to make sure that no one is left alone with their worries. On My Mind is about working together as a community to strengthen students’ wellbeing.


Early Support for Students

Early Support for Students aims to grasp problems that affect students’ ability to study. There are several early support services available at the University. Support services consist of Student Psychologists, Accessibility Planning Officer and Harassment Contact Persons