Vihko ja kynäWellbeing, support in studies and student life

During their studies and student life students also face challenges and difficulties. These problems can range from health problems and learning difficulties to harassment and bullying. If you face these kinds of issues there’s no need to feel like you're alone. There are many support services available for these kinds of situations.


If you are studying for a bachelor's or master's degree at the University of Turku, you can use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS, in Finnish YTHS). They provide general healthcare as well as mental health and dental services. Degree students have to pay a healthcare fee to Kela, which allows them to use the services at no further cost (except for missed appointments if you forget to cancel them).

Exchange students and post-graduate students cannot use FSHS services. As an exchange student or post-graduate student, you need to go to your local municipal health station for healthcare. More information at www.turku.fi/en/healthstations

On My Mind

The On My Mind project aims to promote student wellbeing through community and peer support activities. Its main objective is to make sure that no one is left alone with their worries. On My Mind is about working together as a community strengthening students’ wellbeing.


Early Support for Students

Early Support for Students aims to handle problems that affect students’ ability to study by tackling them as early as possible. Anyone can contact the Early Support contact persons, who will assist you themselves or guide you to the other support services available at the University. Support services consist of Student Psychologists, the Accessibility Planning Officer and Harassment Contact Persons


Study Psychologists

If you are studying for a bachelor's or master's degree at the University of Turku, you can meet with the university's study psychologists. Post-graduate students may also contact the study psychologists if they have no access to occupational healthcare.

The study psychologists specialize in the psychology of learning and student guidance. The services are intended for students who wish to improve their abilities to study. During the first visit, you get to investigate the nature of your issues, and after that you'll typically have one to five follow-up visits.


Accessibility Planning Officer

The Accessibility Planning Officer supports students with disabilities and individual needs. If, for example, you need special arrangements in teaching, you can contact the Accessibility Planning Officer for guidance.

esteet@utu.fi, tel. +358 23 33 6235

Conflicts and harassment situations

We take interpersonal conflict situations seriously and discuss them in a constructive manner. If necessary, we can also involve outside help. Resolving conflicts is always easier when the process is started as early as possible. If the situation drags on, it becomes more complicated and overwhelming. At the University of Turku, we want to promote a culture where problems are brought to discussion when they are noticed.

If you feel like you need help with bringing something up or resolving a situation, both TYY and the University of Turku have help available. Contact TYY's harassment contact persons or the university's Early Support contact persons.

TYY's harassment contact persons

Early Support contact persons