Our priorities

Priorities of the Strategy:

TYY's core activities include influencing and advocacy, promoting community spirit, service provision and co-operation with interested parties. Strategic goals and objectives have been defined for these core activities. Measures for implementing the Strategy will be developed on an annual basis through action plans.


1. INFLUENCING AND ADVOCACY: We boldly take things forward 


  • We do visible and systematic advocacy work, which enables us to strengthen our profile as a reliable expert organisation. The Political Agenda defined by the Student Union Council is the basis for our influencing.
  • We promote humane life for students. Both the university and the society must support students' ability to study and recognise the status and value of students.
  • We lead and develop a student culture that, over time, brings a responsible operating culture to the wider society.
  • We communicate our activities to others in a transparent and systematic manner.
  • In all our activities, we consider the well-being of the individual, the society and the planet as a whole.


2. MEMORABLE ENCOUNTERS: We bring students together


  • We provide students opportunities for influencing and make influencing appealing and interesting. 
  • We promote international students' integration into the communities at the University of Turku.
  • Whenever we bring students together, we ensure a conversational culture that is respectful of others. We work to counteract polarisation.
  • We always take into account the diversity of our members and the value of different fields of study.
  • We communicate to every member of the community and develop new ways to reach out to students.
  • We uphold the student traditions that are important to our community.


3. MEANINGFUL SERVICES: We are familiar with our members and organisations


  • We understand the needs of our members and organisations. We always develop our activities with our members in mind.
  • We make it easier to run organisations and treat all organisations equally.
  • We communicate about our services in a targeted and timely manner.
  • We add as much value as we can to student life. Every student can find their own community within TYY.
  • We put effort into our meetings with members so that all of them can be as good as possible. We go where the students are.


4. CO-OPERATION WITH INTERESTED PARTIES: We are a responsible partner 


  • TYY is always just a phone call away from its partners.
  • TYY represents students where ever people make decisions that affect the students' lives.
  • We are an interesting and reliable business partner.
  • We observe local decision-making on a long-term basis and build relationships with officials at the local government.
  • We bring up our operating principles and require our partners to act responsibly.