Become a candidate

Every student at the University of Turku would be a great member for the Student Union Council. The Council decides on many matters that affect students' everyday life. Representation should be diverse so that all students at our university are represented as well as possible. 41 members will be elected to the Council. The vote is proportional, and most candidates also represent an electoral coalition (vaaliliitto). If you are entitled to vote, you are also entitled to run as a candidate.

If you don't want to run as a candidate but still want to participate in an election campaign, please contact the electoral coalition of your choice directly.

Tips and instructions for candidates-to-be

Stand as a candidate in the Student Union Council election and improve our university community and student life.

  1. Find an electoral coalition (vaaliliitto) that shares your opinions.
    • Contact existing Council groups and check out the section “Electoral coalitions and electoral alliances” to see what groups are running in this election. You can also establish your own electoral coalition with 2–82 people (yourself included). Read more about how you can establish an electoral coalition in the Election Announcement (under "Election Documents"). If you need help with establishing an electoral coalition, come down to the TYY Office or send an email to
    • You can also run in the election without joining an electoral coalition.
  2. Read the Ethical Guidelines.
    • You can find the Ethical Guidelines for the TYY Student Union Council Election under “Election Documents”. As a candidate, you agree to abide by the Ethical Guidelines.
  3. Follow through on the agreements that you make with your electoral coalition.
    • If your coalition submits everyone's declarations of candidacy together, deliver your declaration to the coalition at the agreed time. You can be at your electoral coalition's stand, participate in their events and campaign together. No one needs to contribute more than they want to to the electoral coalition. Declarations of candidacy must be submitted according to the instructions laid out in the Election Announcement by 9 October 2023 at noon.
  4. Run a personal election campaign if you wish.
    • If you want to, you can run your own election campaign in addition to the campaign organised by your coalition. You can advertise yourself on social media and arrange appropriate publicity stunts, events, and activities. When campaigning, please remember TYY's principles for a safer space and the Ethical Guidelines of the election. If you need help, you can contact the Chairperson of the Central Election Committee, Aliisa Wahlsten
  5. As a candidate, you should familiarise yourself with these TYY documents.
    • As a candidate, you should know something about TYY's activities. You don't need to know the documents by heart, but it's a good idea to get acquainted with them. Also, if you have strong opinions on a particular topic, it's a good idea to dig deeper into it. You can also contact TYY's staff members if you want to discuss the topics on your mind. Their contact information can be found here: 
    • TYY's Strategy (updated 2023)
      • This document describes TYY's high-level objectives and guides our operations in the coming years. The Student Union Council appointed a committee for updating the Strategy and approved the new Strategy in the spring of 2023.
    • Political Agenda (updated 2022)
      • This document describes TYY's political positions. It specifies what "TYY's opinion" is, for example when the media questions TYY on a specific political question. The Council updates the Political Agenda approximately once every two years.
    • TYY's Action Plan and Target Programme 2023–2024 (updated 2022)
      • This document guides the activities of TYY's Executive Board and employees. It specifies what TYY should achieve within a year, but it also takes a stand on how operations should be carried out on the long term. The Executive Board and employees prepare the document for the Council to approve once a year.