TYY's history

1922 - TYY is established

The Finnish Student Union of Turku is established. The aim of the Student Union was registered as creating spirit of comradeship, promoting patriotic and scientific activities and the upholding of ennobling social life and good order.

TYY's anniversary day is Porthan's day on 9 November. Currently, the actual celebration is held on the next Saturday from Porthan's day. Henrik Gabriel Porthan (1739-1804) worked during his academic career, inter alia, as the librarian of the Academy of Turku and Professor in Oratory. Due to the reviews he made from the chronicle of bishops of Paavali Juustein, Porthan is also considered the father of Finnish historical research. Porthan's statue was erected in 1864 in the park next to the Old Great Square. It was the first public statue in Finland.

1927 - Wing torch as the symbol of the Student Union

The Student Union decides to adopt its own wing torch symbol in student caps. According to Curator Salmi, the torch reflects moving forward, whilst the lyre circled by laurels describes self-centred resting on one's laurels.

1928 - "Face of the fatherland"

The Student Union decides to unanimously start to promote V.A. Koskenniemi's composition "Face of the fatherland" as the national anthem, instead of the "ambiguous, vague and sentimental" Our land. The library of the Student Union is established.

1931 - Turku Student Newspaper is established

The Student Union establishes its own Turku Student newspaper after the Student Newspaper published in Helsinki has started to object the right-wing Lapua movement.

1933 - Restaurant activities at Puolalankatu

The Student Union receives a right to uphold restaurant activities in its premises located in Puolalankatu 2. The premises included, inter alia, a chess room and facilities for servants.

1939 - Fortress of the Karelian Isthmus

The Student Union participates in the voluntary building of a fortress at the Karelian Isthmus during the summer. According to an estimation, approximately half of the members of the Student Union participate in the construction.

1941 - War breaks out

The University and the Student Union do not operate during the first war-time term.

1945 - Obligatory sports

From spring 1945 to autumn 1957, the students had obligatory sports. Obligatory gymnastics and sports exercises could be substituted by participating in the activities of the sports organisation of the Student Union.

1945 - Insecure future

The Student Union prepares for its possible disbandment by transferring its property to the University, since the Student Union has a lot of contacts with organisations disbanded as anti-Soviet.

1949 - First student cap event at Art Museum Hill

Putting on student caps on the First of May at Art Museum Hill was organised for the first time in 1949.

1950 - TuKY is established

The Student Union of Turku School of Economics TuKY is established.

1951 - Fund-raising for the Student House

In 1951, the Student Union starts active fund-raising in order to build a Student House. President Paasikivi is present at the laying of the foundation stone in August the same year.

1952 - The Student House sees daylight

Student House A is inaugurated. The construction of the Student House is built with the support of the state, loan and extensive donation collections of the Student Union.

1955 - Joining the Finnish Student Health Service

Student Unions in Turku join SYL's healthcare foundation, whose name later becomes FSHS.

1957 - Student Union Council starts its operation

TYY Student Union Council is established after a rules amendment. The voting activity of the first Student Union Council elections, 65.5 %, is the highest in history so far. The election included 1,226 members entitled to vote.

1960 - Student Houses are ready

The Student House complex is constructed in its current looks.

1966 - TYS is established

Turku Student Village Foundation is established in order to manage the property and construction activities of the Student Union.

1968 - Start of the Student Village

First quarters of the Student Village are inaugurated. The person inaugurating it is Prime Minister Koivisto.

1970 - Lex Virolainen - One man, one vote

The University of Turku organises a lecture strike by students in two faculties, aiming to accelerate the process of "pne man, one vote" principle included in "Lex Virolainen" in the Finnish Parliament. Regardless of the strike, the opposition of the Parliament managed to reject "Lex Virolainen".

1972 - Time of politicisation

In the 1970s, the student life became strongly politicised. Many types of mischief were related to the Student Union elections. In summer 1972, very serious measures were taken, when a bomb exploded in the premises of the Academic Social Democratic Organisation (ASY). "Windows were broken and movable property was damaged."

1980 - Bankruptcy

The business of the Student Union goes into bakruptcy as a result of the extension project of Restaurant Isker. In the ruins of the restaurant activities, TYY's Rock club is later established, heritage of which includes e.g. Down by The Laituri city festival.

The Student Village Foundation is also driven into financial economic difficulties due to the establishment of the congress centre. The City of Turku assumes the loans and in return receives the right to decide in the decision-making bodies of the foundation.

2010 - TYY and TuKY merge

As a result of the reform of the Universities Act, TYY and TuKY (Student Union of Turku School of Economics) merge in the beginning of 2010.

2014 - TYY library is closed

After years of discussion, the Student Union Council decides to close TYY library. The library was established in 1928 in order to utilise the book donation received from Arne Tarén's estate.

Photos: Risto K. Tähtinen, Archives of Turku Student Newspaper