Student Union Council

The highest decision-making authority in the Student Union is the Student Union Council (edustajisto). The 41 members of the Student Union Council are elected by the students of the University of Turku for a two-year term. All TYY members are eligible to both vote in Student Union Council elections as well as run as a candidate.

The Student Union Council decides on what the Student Union will do in each of the two years while in office. It uses this power by determining how much money will be used and for what purposes. In other words, the Student Union Council approves the annual budget and decides on what the Student Union will focus on during the year. This is determined by the approval of a plan of action. The Student Union Council elects an Executive Board for the implementation of the plan of action and, at the same time, oversees its activities. If the activities of the Executive Board are not satisfactory, the Student Union Council can dismiss the Executive Board with a vote of no confidence.

The Student Union Council also selects members of the TYY Committees and Directorates as well as student members for various bodies in the university and makes principled political lines of TYY. All of the more far-reaching decisions is entitled to the Student Union Council. It can reserve itself the right to decide on any kind of matter that normally would belong to some lower body. In practice, the power of the Student Union Council is limited only by law and the TYY regulations.

During the year, the Student Union Council usually convenes once a month in the Turku-sali meeting room (Student House A, 2nd floor).

All TYY members have the right to attend Student Union Council meetings and take motions. Motions must be submitted to the Student Union Council Chair at least seven business days before the meeting.

Student Union Council Chair

Selmi Holopainen, Vihreä vasemmisto

The Student Union Council Chair is also known as the Student Union Chair. She is the highest elected official in the Student Union hierarchy. Her job is to administer the Student Union Council in meetings and call the meetings to order.

In practice, the Student Union Council Chair has a significantly central role in Student Union operation: she is the one who ultimately makes sure that matters are dealt with in a timely and official capacity. In addition, she may call the Student Union Council to an additional meeting, at any time, to deal with matters to which he sees fit to discuss.

The Student Union Council Chair is elected at the organization meeting of the Council for the whole two-year term.

Student Union Council Vice-Chair

Veikko Pulkki, TYY Terveeksi

The Student Union Council Vice-Chair basically has the same rights and obligations as the Chair. She uses his authority when the Chair is unavailable. The Vice-Chair is elected for a total of a two-year term, the same as the Chair at the organization meeting of the Council.

Council Group Chairpersons

Vihreä vasemmisto:
Aura Niskanen (

Pihla Koski (

Maisa Pikkarainen (

Ryhmä Lex:
Jimi Salonen (

Roosa Partanen (

TYY Terveeksi:
Lyylia Koivuniemi (

Aino Kovalainen (

Lotta Liuhamo (

Mari van den Berg (

Kasperi Kainulainen (