Tutors: Instructions

  • International tutors may pick up packages for their exchange students before they arrive. Tutors are asked to fill out and sign a Tutor Information Card at the starting package office, agreeing to be responsible for the package until the exchange student has signed their own borrower agreement.
  • Tutors don't have to show any payment receipts to pick up packages. Please bring your student card with you.
  • Please make sure that your students sign the contract within two weeks after their arrival.
  • If a borrower’s agreement is not signed within two weeks* after the student’s arrival, a penalty fee of €10.00 will be deducted from the student's deposit
  • Please pick up packages ONLY when you have clear consent from your student
  • You can pick up packages max two weeks before your students arrival
  • You don't have to book or reserve any time for pick ups, just visit us during our opening hours
  • Please make sure everything is clean and dry
  • Please make sure that your student has provided us his/her IBAN and SWIFT/BIC to receive refund