Our values and operating principles

Our activities are guided by values that are important to our members. TYY's values have also been approved by the Student Union Council. We value education, responsibility, equality, communality and openness.

We implement these values every day through our operating principles.

Our operating principles:

We boldly take things forward

Influencing and advocacy are at the core of TYY's expertise, and they make student life more humane. Our members feel that TYY serves their interests and see that our advocacy work produces tangible results in their everyday life. We provide constructive and critical contributions to the societal debate on education. We encourage decision-making that is based on academic research. We act responsibly everywhere and instill the theme of responsibility into the entire university community. For us, responsibility means:

  1. Ecological responsibility: We promote environmental awareness, invest in sustainable procurements and facilities, organise events sustainably and generally focus on making a positive climate impact.  More detailed measures are outlined in our Environmental Plan.
  2. Social responsibility: Even as society changes, we carry out the university's educational task as defined by law. We strive for equality in student culture, the university community and the society at large. We see the diversity of our members as a valuable thing. We operate in accordance with our Equality Plan.
  3. Financial responsibility: We will always future-proof the economic sustainability of the Student Union and work to improve the financial situation of students in our society. We act in accordance with our Economic Strategy.
  4. Good governance: We set a good example by following principles of good governance in the management and organisation of our activities. We take good care of data protection.

We are familiar with our members and organisations

TYY supports and assists its members and organisations according to their needs. We actively collect feedback on our activities and use it to decide on development measures. We make it possible for all organisations to operate. TYY is visibly involved in student life and creates value for its members. Our members feel that membership of the Student Union is significant. The information and services we provide are easily accessible to all our members and our communication is comprehensive.


We bring students together

Students play an increasingly active role on all levels of university administration. TYY's communications reach all members. The diversity of our members is a great resource for the Student Union, and equal treatment is the basis of the Student Union's activities. International students are a growing and important part of the university community. Our members provide feedback on the Student Union's activities, which enables us to carry out development measures every year. An active, visible and present Student Union offers students opportunities to meet each other. The Student Union discourages polarisation and confrontations. A better future is built together, and everyone has the opportunity to participate. Important student traditions bring students together.


We are a responsible partner

TYY promotes its objectives strategically with interested parties. Our interested parties and partners have been identified, and we have a good understanding of who can help us promote themes that are important to students. We act responsibly and expect the same from our partners.