Returning the Starting Package

Returning Your Starting Package: 

  • Return your package during Starting Package Storage opening hours
  • If you can't make it during opening hours, a friend or tutor can return the package for you
  • Go through your package and make sure you have all the items and that everything is clean
  • Wash the blanket and the pillow before returning them. Check them for stains as well! 
  • Bring copy of your contract with you if possible

About deposit refunds:

  • EU students receive refunds by bank transfer
  • Non-EU students receive cash refunds from the TYY Service Point/the Starting Package Storage   

Missing , Damaged or Dirty Items:

Any missing or damaged items in your package result in a refund deduction. You can replace items or we can take a small fine out of your deposit. List of fines can be found from your contract.