Every year, TYY organises trainings for organisations. Traditionally, the all-round training session on the basic topics for the new members of the organisations’ boards is held in December. The session includes training for at least the chairs, treasurers, information officers, event coordinators and student paper editors.

Towards the end of the year, at chair and treasurer training, there is orientations on the routines of the budget year end and also the transfer of information.

In addition to the abovementioned issues, the objective is to fulfil future requests of the sub-organisations in regards to training. Ideas can be sent to the Specialist for Organisations or the Executive Board member for organisations.

There are also meetings for the organisation chairpersons arranged monthly (excluding the summer months). Up-to-date and practical issues about organisations are discussed at the meetings but above all, the goal is to have these meetings as a place for networking and giving and receiving peer support.