Turku-sali meeting room

Turku-sali meeting room

The Turku-sali meeting room, located on the upper floor of Student House A (Ylioppilastalo A, Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A), can be reserved by TYY organisations as well as individual members. Turku-sali is suitable for events such as meetings and board game nights. Using alcohol is not permitted on the premises. Reservations are completely free to members of TYY.

Making a reservation

You can find the reservation calendar below.

Click on "Add event" and fill in the form. Note that you can have up to three reservations at a time. You will get an email when your reservation is confirmed. This may take a couple of days, so please make your reservations as early as possible. 

You can pick up the keys and sign the rental agreement at the TYY Service Point during service hours.

Office Secretary
tel. +358 44 796 1067
TYY Service Point, Student House A (Ylioppilastalo A), 1st floor (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A)

Additional information

The meeting room has seats for about 50 people. There is also a video projector with HDMI and VGA connections.

Note that it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol or throw parties in Turku-sali. Furthermore, the user must arrange the tables and chairs in their original positions when leaving.

During the semesters, TYY’s highest decision-making body, the Student Union Council, convenes once a month in Turku-sali to make decisions on Student Union issues.

Further instructions

  • You may not move the tables by dragging them. Lift them up.
  • If you move the tables and chairs, put them back in their original positions when leaving.
  • Don't steal the cables for the video projector (VGA and HDMI).
  • Don't touch the paintings or coats of arms.
  • When you are leaving, take out the trash and turn off the lights.