The University of Turku operates in Turku, Rauma and Pori and so does TYY. The advocacy and support services of TYY are available for students in all campuses. The organisations in Rauma and Pori are entitled to an additional financial support. TYY organises regularly Council meetings in Rauma and Pori.


Rauma Campus

TYY has approximately 1000 members studying in Rauma. Secretary for Student Affairs in Rauma takes care of TYY's services in Rauma in the University of Turku's Department of Teacher Education. You can contact the Secretary for Student Affairs if you have any questions concerning for example student cards or stickers in Rauma. The Secretary of Student Affairs also acts as a intermediate between Rauma and Turku and you can always contact the Secretary if you want to know anything about studying in Rauma.


Pori Campus

The Pori units of the University of Turku are located in the University Consortium of Pori. Approximately 700 members of TYY are studying in Pori Campus. Student Association of Pori Pointer ry takes care of student cards and stickers in Pori.