May meeting of TYY’s Council

TYY has a new Political agenda!

On Wednesday 15 May, TYY's Council held its last meeting of the spring. In a lively 8-hour meeting, TYY passed a new political agenda, which defines the framework for TYY's academic affairs, social policy and advocacy work. The new political agenda will be added to TYY’s website soon.

The meeting also discussed the future of the student magazine Tylkkäri, appointed the Honour committee and held a preliminary discussion on TYY's environmental program, which will be finally approved in the fall. During the question time of the Board and the Finance Committee, the future of the campus spaces were again discussed.

The next meeting will take place in September, when we will return to TYY's different policy documents. For now, however, the Council has retired to its summer break, and the Chairs Selmi and Veikko wish everyone a relaxing summer!


The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making body of TYY, elected every two years. Among other things, it decides on the political guidelines and finances of TYY and approves the Student Union's Plans of Action as well as other documents guiding its activities. The meetings of the Board are open to all TYY members and can also be watched via a stream on the TYY’s YouTube channel. The next meeting will take place on September 11th at 18:15.