April Meeting of TYY’s Council

What do collecting stones from the field, bed bugs and sex work have in common? TYY's Council, of course!

TYY's Council held its monthly meeting again on Wednesday 17 April. The meeting covered the process of updating TYY’s Political Agenda and the initial drafting of the new paper. In the debate, the representative groups presented their views on the draft. The paper has been prepared by the TYY Executive Board during the spring.

The Council was particularly concerned about the supply of vegetarian food in student restaurants, hybrid education and first-time student quotas. Other issues discussed included student welfare and social security, Satakunta organizations and current issues of University spaces.

At the next meeting, the Council will make a final decision on the political guidelines for the Student Union for the next two years. Stay TYYned!


The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making body of TYY, elected every two years. Among other things, it decides on the political guidelines and finances of TYY and approves the Student Union's Plans of Action as well as other documents guiding its activities. The meetings of the Board are open to all TYY members and can also be watched via a stream on the TYY’s YouTube channel. The next meeting will take place on May 15th at 18:15.