sTYYlish May Day 2024




MAY DAY IS COMING (or did it ever leave..?)

30.4. May Day Eve

Get your mead brewing, find your student caps from the dusty shelves, sew all your patches, fetch you picnic blankets from the summer storage... It's time for May Day to start again!

May Day or "Vappu" is the Finnish version of Labour Day that we celebrate to honour working people. It is also the biggest student festival of the year, bringing together tens of thousands of students and other citizens of Turku.

May Day Eve starts with TYY and organisations giving out punch around the campus area. TYY's own Punch Stand is in the University Hill.

At 16.45, a traditional May Day Parade leaves from the University Hill towards the Turku Art Museum Hill, where the whole city gathers to listen to music and a speech from the Chair of the TYY Executive Board. At 6 sharp, we all put on our students caps (ylioppilaslakki). The moment when thousands of students and alumni with their caps have gathered at Aurakatu is by far the most impressive part of Vappu, so you definitely don’t want to miss this moment! After the "capping" (Fin. "lakitus"), Vappu celebration continues in the Runeberg Park where dental students will wash The Lily of Turku statue and give Lily a student cap. At 19.00 the Technology students of Turku give Paavo Nurmi a student cap as well.

WHAT: May Day Punches, flag parade and the "cappings" of May Day

WHEN: 30.4. ~11-19

WHERE: University campus (outside spaces), Turku Art Museum Hill and The Lily of Turku statue



11.00–13.00 TYY's own May Day Punch stand @ University Hill⁠

12.00 sTYYlish Ticket Chase @ Campus area

16.45 May Day Parade leaves from the University Hill⁠

17.30-18.00 Student caps on and a speech from the TYY executive board chair @ Art Museum Hill⁠ Washing and giving the student cap to the Lilja statue @ Runeberginpuisto⁠

19.00 Teekkarit (technical students association) give a cap to the Paavo Nurmi statue⁠


May Day Punch map
May Day Punch map

Picture explained:

1. Educarium and Publicum courtyard: Fobia, SYY-Turku, Putex, Spektri, Dialectica, Taloustieteen klubi, Katko, Sosiaalitieteiden Klubi, Collegium Musicum Turku, TurAus, Turun Yliopiston Raskaan Musiikin Ystävät TYRMY, TOSY, Index

2. Between Arcanum and Calonia: Kritiikki, Mingbai, ISHA Turku, Museoin, Affekti, Kutu, Germanica, Humanitas, Anglica, Pappagallo, Palladion, Vare, Kanta, Kääntöpiiri, Mañana, F-piste, Forum Romanum, Kinokopla

3. University Hill: Skandica, Turun Yliopiston Kemistit TYK, Asteriski, Synapsi, ESN, Hybridi Turku, Turun Wappuradio, Akateeminen Partiokilta, Delta, Pulterit, Statistika, EGEA Turku, Turun Korkeakoulujen Reserviläiset – Åbo Högskolereservister, In Vitro Aboensis IVA, THLKS, Loimun Opiskelijat - Turku

4. Student House B: AAly, Terrakoti, Satakuntalais-Hämäläinen osakunta SHO, Turun yliopiston Savo-Karjalainen Osakunta, TPO,

5. The surroundings of the cathedral: Machina, Nucleus, Optima, Adamas, Asklepio

6. Tuomaanpuisto barracks buildings: P-klubi


1.5. May Day

May 1, students and other citizens gather at Vartiovuorenmäki for a Vappu picnic at 12-16. After all the Vappu extravaganza during the previous night, it's time to enjoy spring time in a relaxed atmosphere, eat traditional Vappu food and drink some mead (Sima) with friends.

Bring a picnic quilt, some food and sima, maybe some games, and all your friends!

WHAT: a May Day picnic

WHEN: 1.5. at 12-16

WHERE: Vartiovuorenmäki



12.30 Turku University Choir

13.10 Speech to Spring: TYY alumnus Matti Vähä-Heikkilä

14.00 Band: Katkon bilebändi

15.00 DJ Siffe



May Day Pick nick
May Day Picnic


May Day Picnic signs explained
May Day Picnic signs explained

Picture explained:

There are several exit routes from Vartiovuori, including Mustainveljestenkuja, Vartiovuorenkatu, Tähtitorninkatu, Kotikatu and Teininkuja.

The accessible route to Vartiovuori is along Mustainveljestenkuja. There is also an accessible toilet along the same route.

Continuing along Mustainveljestenkuja, you can reach the centre of the event, where you will find the stage, the Student Union’s tent and a first aid station. The Student Union’s tent also has first-aid extinguishing equipment. There are several recycling points around Vartiovuori, for example near the stage.