TYY Values


All our members are equal. Equal treatment is the corner stone of the Student Union and the diversity of its members is a resource. Without prejudice, we consider our different membersin all campuses and the needs of students with another native language than Finnish.



The Student Union is an active, visible and present community in all campuses. We provide the students with manners to meet each other and possibilities to create a better future together and activities that suit themselves. Being a member of a student community feels significant for our members.



Our decision-making is democratic, transparent and open. The information and services we produce are easily accessible for all members and our communication is wide-ranging. All our members have an equal opportunity to participate in activities and to benefit from the expertise of the Student Union.



For us, ethics means just and sustainable development socially, economically and environmentally. We carry our responsibility for our members, employees, the university community, the environment and the surrounding society. We support the growth of students into responsible, critical and active members of the society.



We participate constructively and critically in the societal discussion on education. We promote decision-making based on academic knowledge obtained through research.