Sustainable news from November



TYY board member responsible for environment participated in the climate coffees organized by the city of Turku on Thursday, November 2. Over coffee, we got to know various organizations that do climate and environmental work in Turku. There were representatives from ekotori, Turku youth council and Turku UN association, among others.

The environmental wing will meet with Unica on Thursday, November 23, to learn about the ethical principles guiding Unica's operations and to jointly plan possible sustainability-themed campaigns.



Meet us for coffee!

At Unica restaurants, you enjoy double-certified, responsibly produced, aromatic Löfbergs coffee every day.

The operation and values ​​of Unica restaurants are based on customer orientation and responsibility, and these themes are also the cornerstones of Löfbergs operations. The cooperation has been rewarding and developing, and it is nice to see how Löfbergs heart is warmed by the opportunity to serve a young and open-minded target group.

Coffee plays an important role for the students - the coffee selection, its carbon footprint and sustainability, not forgetting the taste and presentation.

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