Sustainable news from September

Members for the TYY wings have been selected and the new environmental wing will start their term. The wings are still open for whoever wants to participate and you can find their events from TYY events calendar. The environment wing will organise different events, discuss sustainability with Unica and help TYY be more environmentally friendly.

TYY will organise sustainable development week again on 9.-13.10. The theme of the week will be the Baltic Sea. During the week TYY will organise events such as movie night and the popular "Kirppisappro". Stay tuned for more information in our socials and events calendar.

This week TYY participated in the first joint sustainability day of higher education institutions in Turku. In one of the workshops TYY and other student unions of Turku presented the ways we are working towards sustainability and carbon neutrality. We also discussed possibilities for cooperation between the student unions.

SYL organised its autumn seminar 14.-15.9. During the sector time the environmental sector discussed the role of the student unions in sustainable development and counting the carbon footprints.