Akseli Tiitta running for President of the National Union of University Students

Akseli Tiitta jokirannassa hymyilemässä

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) has nominated Akseli Tiitta as candidate for the 2024 President of the National Union of University Students (SYL).

Akseli Tiitta is a 22 year old Bachelor of Economics and undergraduate student in Tech. He is the chair of the executive board of TYY in 2023. Before that, Tiitta has been vice chair of the TYY board as well as board member responsible for social policy and the Satakunta campuses.

Tiitta wants to lead the students’ advocacy work and ensure that it it done efficiently and strategically.

“SYL needs an enthusiastic, motivated and constructive leader with experience in leadership positions. A good leader makes colleagues and the entire organization flourish and brings stability and certainty to the operations”, Tiitta says.

According to Tiitta, it is important that SYL has a shared vision for the future. He states that the strategy process must be started as soon as possible with a focus on internal development. Tiitta has a lot of experience of different strategy processes.

“Akseli is a warm and approachable person, as well as an effective and visionary group leader. With him in charge, TYY’s new strategy become to be one with a clear vision for the future and a broad perspective from the students”, states Secretary General Riina Lumme.

SYL leadership is elected in the General Assembly in 17th and 18th of November in Tampere.

The National Union of University Students SYL is a student organization representing about 140 000 university students in Finland. All Student Unions in Finland are members in SYL. Student Unions are law mandated public organizations for the students.

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Akseli Tiitta
Chair of the Board at TYY