You can still apply to be in a TYY Wing for the academic year 2023-2024

The Student Union of the University of Turku is looking for core team members for its volunteer groups, which are known as Wings. The five Wings operate around five different themes. Each of the Wings promotes a specific theme, and the Wings play their part in making the Student Union a better place. In the Wings, you have the freedom to establish new activities and mould the Student Union's event culture, and you also get to promote students' interests at the university and in society. Each Wing has a core team which leads the Wing's activities and elects chairpersons from among its members.

TYY has five Wings: the International Wing, the Development Cooperation Wing, the Equality Wing, the Culture Wing and the Environmental Wing.

International Wing

  • promotes internationality, tolerance and multiculturalism on the campuses
  • collaborates with TYY's organisations and possibly other international organisations to organise events that promote the Wing's goals
  • annually delivers the Executive Board a proposition on who should receive the TYY International Award

Development Cooperation Wing

  • plans and implements TYY's development cooperation projects together with TYY's development cooperation sector
  • promotes the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in the Student Union
  • organises different kinds of events around development cooperation and arranges TYY's Sustainable Development Week together with the Environmental Wing

Equality Wing

  • promotes equality and accessibility in the Student Union and at the university, highlights the diversity of students
  • organises events related to equality
  • raises awareness of current issues related to equality and accessibility and promotes discussions

Environmental Wing

  • promotes environmentally friendly practices in the Student Union and among its students and organisations as well as the university and in the surrounding society
  • educates organisations on environmental issues
  • organises the CleanVappu campaign in the spring and arranges TYY's Sustainable Development Week together with the Development Cooperation Wing in the autumn
  • monitors the implementation of TYY's Environmental Plan and updates the Environmental Plan and Environmental Guide if necessary

Culture Wing

  • promotes the traditions of student culture and creates new ones
  • organises events for students in accordance with TYY's values
  • assists the Executive Board member for student culture and TYY's Event Producer in planning and arranging traditional events

We are looking for members to the Wings' core teams. The Wing will select chairpersons from among the core team and negotiate on the division of tasks. We expect applicants to have motivation and enthusiasm for the task and to be able to work in a group. You can apply for more than one Wing, but you can only be selected for one. Students from the Pori and Rauma campuses can also apply for the Wings. We are hoping to get applications especially for the Development Cooperation Wing, Equality Wing, and the Culture Wing.

The application period begins on 14th September and ends on 30th September at 23:59. You can apply for the Wings by filling in this Webropol form. TYY's Executive Board will go over the applications and select the Wing members in their meeting.

TYY emphasises transparency and equality in its activities. We hope to receive applications from many people with different backgrounds. More information on the Wings is available on the TYY website and on Instagram @tyynsiivet .

For more information on the application process, please contact:
Aino Rönkä, TYY's Executive Board member for Volunteers