The University's finances must be balanced - decisions about the ways have not been made

The University Board has decided on launching a Financial Balancing Plan. 

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There is a long-term decrease in the University's basic funding, inflation increases the expenses and the profit forecast from investment activities is weakening. The prospects for this year and next year are dire without increasing the income or decreasing expenses.

The root reason behind the difficult times is insufficient basic funding for the Universities. The cuts on education done in the previous decade still affect Universities, and the present government has not been able to fix the deficit. 

The Board authorised the Rector to launch preparations for finding ways to correct the funding deficit. The purpose is to propose actions that have been prepared with the University Community. In the preparations following matters are primarily assessed:

  1. Potential for increasing income
  2. Functions that can be given up because they do not produce their funding in accordance with the funding model of the Ministry of Education and Culture or are otherwise not particularly significant operations at the University, and the abandoning of which will not weaken the University's prospects of taking care of its basic missions
  3. Savings from facilities through more efficient use
  4. Main missions of research stations, their location in the region, and the University's collaboration with the research stations of other universities.
  5. Prospect of giving up some of the remote campuses or some of their functions
  6. Prospect for making the administrative and support services more efficient
  7. Prospect for savings through evaluating the units' functions and sizes

It is important to understand, that this does not mean, that any decisions about giving up remote campuses or facilities have been made. 

The Student Union sees important that decreasing expenses affects as little as possible to the quality of education and the every day life of students. The support services for students are already working effectively, so there is no room for cuts. TYY will follow the coming negotiations carefully and take part in the discussions about the ways of balancing the finances. 

Camilla Saarinen

TYYn hallituksen puheenjohtaja Camilla Saarinen