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Starting Package Storage

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The student unions of the universities in Turku (TYY, ÅAS), the student union of the Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novium), and the Turku University of Applied Science (TUAS) run a starting package storage where exchange students can borrow a package with household items which they then return before they leave Turku.

Please check out the opening hours before coming!

Opening hours

We will let you know as soon as there are new opening hours. The instructions below are only for students who have to leave urgently. If you are able to leave the package for someone else to return after the situation is over, please do so. 

Please read instructions before returning the package

You can return the Starting Packet in front of TYY Service Desk (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4A, ground floor) starting from 17 March at 16.30. 

Please put the first part (1. PART) of the paper (with your information) on the mailing box of TYY and mark it with the following info. This is the only way we can identify your package and return you the money. 

You can use out the form on the website and print it or pick up a printed form in front of TYY Service Desk.

Remember to stay 1 metre away from others.


Returner’s name:

Borrower’s name:

Borrower’s e-mail:

Bank info (IBAN SWIFT): 

Bank account is under name of:

More about the deductions here:

Borrower’s Name:



I understand that the pillow and blanket will be sent to wash and there will be a deduction if some other items are dirty or missing. Washing fee will be deducted from the deposit.

I understand that there might service fees deducted by the bank if my bank is not EU/ EEA bank. 

I understand that there might be delays in the returning payments.

Rip off here


2. PART 

Please write here your name:

Put the paper (PART 2) inside the package hidden. 



You'll find us here

The Starting Package Storage is located in Rehtorinpellonkatu 4B, in the basement.

It's next to the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY), and opposite of Turku School of Economics (TSE). The building is in the backyard of the Student Cafeteria Assarin Ullakko and in the same yard where the pub Proffa is. In the corner of the yard, you'll see the Starting Package sign. Follow the signs to the basement!


Any Questions?

Please email us:

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