TYY's April Everyday Advocacy

What’s happening in TYY's advocacy?

The Academic Affairs sector has attended the university's working groups, discussed paper certificates and organised a council. We have also closely followed the academical consequences of the General Government Fiscal Plan.

The social political sector has written a statement regarding government's fiscal plan and moving students from general housing allowance to a housing supplement. Also the students' mental health week was organized and we have met with SYL's social political sector.

Municipally we have made a survey for students in Turku (https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/4E4FE87A94CBB057). We met with the mayors of Turku.

In the environmental sector we've been updating our environmental policies, met with Unica and UTU Working Groups and planned events. Read more from sustainable news!

From the international sector, we had our first international tutor training session. Also, we shared our feedback with International advisory board and was able to comment on housing with TYS. And currently busy planning the EU day panel discussion.

The working group investigating the relocation of Turku Normal School to Educarium is finalizing its report, which the univeristys board will review next month.  The school could be moved to Educarium. Now the lower campus working group can properly begin creating concrete spatial solutions.