TYY's Council held its first meeting of the year – equal access to exams, campus premises and the upcoming funding model raising concerns

The year's first meeting of the TYY Council took place on Wednesday 21 February. The Council decided on the travel allowances paid by the Student Union and heard the Board’s presentation on the implementation plan for the Plan of Action.

During question time with the Board and the Finance Committee, the Council discussed the congestion of Exam rooms, the upcoming reform of universities’ funding model and the future of the Teacher Training School (normaalikoulu, “norssi”). TYY is represented in the working groups set up by the University to resolve the issue of University facilities, and the Board said that it is following the situation closely.


The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making body of TYY, elected every two years. Among other things, it decides on the political guidelines and finances of TYY and approves the Student Union's Plans of Action as well as other documents guiding its activities. The meetings of the Board are open to all TYY members and can also be watched via a stream on the TYY’s YouTube channel. The next meeting will take place on 20 March at 18:15.