TYY’s Executive Board for 2024 have been elected

TYY's Executive Board for 2024 was elected at the organizing meeting of the new Student Union Council on 29.11.2023. In addition, the meeting voted for the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council for 2024. 

Katie Astin (TSE) was elected as the Chair of TYY's Board for 2024, having served on the 2023 Board with responsibility for internationality, corporate relations and tutoring.

Astin thanked the Representative Council for their trust.

- Next year, there will be quite a lot of difficult decisions, as the Government Programme includes changes concerning the Student Union, international students and livelihoods. We have a great new strategy and our task next year is to make sure that it is also implemented, Astin said.

In addition to Astin, the members of TYY's Board in 2024 are Antti Hakamaa (Fuusio), Shashika Harshani (Viher-TYY), Saimi Herlevi (Vihreä Vasemmisto), Victoria Luovikari (Soihdunkantajat), Jimi Mahonen (Ryhmä Lex), Vilppu Tolvi (Soihdunkantajat) and Josefina Tuomala (Fuusio).

TYYn hallitus 2024

Selmi Holopainen was elected Chair of the Student Union Council and Veikko Pulkki as Vice Chair.

The meeting also elected members to Executive committee of Turku Student Newspaper, Financial Board of the Student Union and Election Committee. Jimi Salonen was elected Chair of Tylkkäri's Board of Directors, Mari van den Berg as Chair of the Financial Board of the Student Union and Elisa Hyvärinen as Chair of the Election Committee.