Independence Day Torch Procession




Welcome to TYY's traditional Independence Day celebration with all students from Turku!

TYY welcomes its organisations to Independence Day's traditional torchlight procession and wreath-laying on 6 December! The students of Student Union, ÅAS and TUO all gather at the Cathedral Square, where we leave in one procession towards the cemetery.

For this event, there is a sign up for organisations (see below). Organisations who wish to participate, must bring the following to the parade: the official flag of the organisation, one flag-bearer and two heralds (person who helps the flag-bearer). Participants must come to the event early so the parade can start on time. The event ends after the busses back to the Studend House A (via Lemminkäisenkatu) leave from the cemetery at 17.30. One off the busses goes straight to Kåren.

Schedule and Programme

The event starts at 15:15 at the Turku Cathedral Square where glögi is offered to all participants. We will start to form the procession at 15.45 and the parade leaves at 16.00. Attached you will find the order of the organisations in the procession (the list will be updated this year). The parade will be accompanied by security stewards at the front and back of the parade as well as people guiding the traffic.

  • 15.15 Warm glögi (mulled wine) at the Cathedral Square
  • 15.45 Organisation of the procession
  • 16.00 The procession leaves
  • 16.45 Programme at the cemetery
  • 17.15 Programme ends
  • 17.30 Bus to the city centre leaves from the cemetery

Programme at the cemetery

  • Song: Isänmaan kasvot (Sohon Torwet)
  • Speech  (ÅAS)
  • Song: Finlandia (choir)
  • Speech (TYY)
  • Song: Suomen laulu (choir)
  • Speech (TUO)
  • Wreath-laying (Chairs) Flags salute
  • Song: Maamme - Vårt land (all: 1. Finnish verse, 1. Swedish verse and 11. Finnish verse, hats off)

Walking route: Cathedral Square - Uudenmaankatu - Uudenmaantie - Turku Cemetery

Dress code: Any student cap (if you have one) and preferably tidy, dark clothes/clothes suitable for the weather. We recommend leather gloves for the flagbearers as it will ease the carrying.