The Student Union Council's September meeting

The Student Union Council's September meeting was held on Wednesday 13 September in Rauma.

Council appointed representatives to SYL's general assembly in November. Each student union which is a part of SYL has the right to send one representative for each starting thousand students. The Council decided to appoint 16 representatives and 16 deputy representatives to the General Assembly of SYL. 

The Student Union Council decided to nominate Akseli Tiitta as  TYY's candidate for the position of Chairman of the Board of SYL. Tiitta gave a speech in which he thanked the Council for their trust and told about themes that are important to him.

During the question time of the Board and the Finance Committee discussed, among other things, the occupational health situation of doctoral researchers, support for student sports, the situation of the FSHS, the development of demand for mental health services, the study ability day on 26 September, the marketing of student representative search, meetings of political groups and the implementation of the new strategy.