TYY's Wellbeing Event


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 26th because that's when we'll be hosting the TYY's Student Wellbeing Event at the Educarium and Publicum square from 12pm to 4pm!

We have a variety of activities and lectures planned to help you enhance and maintain your studying capabilities. The themes will revolve around topics like mental health, well-being, resilience, and study skills.


12-12:30 My strengths -workshop. Publicum 469.

13-13:45 Make everyday life easier -workshop. Publicum 469.

14:30-15 Exercise class for better mobility. Educarium gymnastic hall.

15:15-15:45 Exercise class for calming your nerves. Educarium gymnastic hall.

15-16 Studying ability - discussion session. Calonia, lecture hall 1.