TYY’s long-term traditions and history have impacted the cultural provision. TYY’s events calendar includes yearly organised events and a wide rage of activities that are open to all. These events provide the possibility to meet new people regardless of their education or university.

Many sub-organisations of TYY have cultural activities, in which you can participate.


  • The Opening Carnival
  • Porthan Day
  • The Annual Ball
  • Independence Day Torch Procession
  • Fastlaskiainen
  • Vappu - First of May


Become enthused in the opening carnival and in the opening of the term

The new academic year starts with the traditional Opening Carnival organised by University of Turku and the Student Union together. Different organisations and fun programme are present at the campus. In the evening, TYY will organise cross-disciplinary party!

After the carnival, students continue celebrations in TYY's Opening Party. It is the biggest party of the year!


Be part of the old tradition on Porthan Day

9 November

On the official anniversary of TYY, November 9th, laying of a memorial wreath to Porthan statue is organised. The laying of the wreath has been a tradition since the establishment of TYY in 1922.


Wear your best at the Annual Ball

The Student Union celebrates its anniversary in November (the Saturday after Porthan Day). Annual Ball is the most prestigious event of the Student Union, which you certainly do not want to miss out! Festivities include cocktail party, gala dinner and ballroom dance, followed by After Party.

Gala dinner includes a fancy meal with several courses, speeches and is often followed by ballroom dancing. When the more formal party is over, the informal celebration will go on and on through the night. The next day, at around noon, there is a brunch for those who feel up to it.


Come and carry a torch in the Independence Day torch procession

6 December

Independence Day torch procession is a joint procession of university students of Turku towards the soldiers’ graves as a celebration of the Finnish Independence Day (December 6th). Do not hesitate to come and carry a torch in the procession!


Fastlaskiainen (Shrove Tuesday)

Laskiainen is a real winter festival - you get to play in the snow, see various winter sports and eat traditional laskiaispulla, a bun filled with whipped cream and yam.

Fastlaskiainen is one of the winter-themed student events in February. In the competition the organisations and groups of friends from the universities and universities of applied sciences in Turku will see who is who in downhill sledging.

When calculating the score a team the "sledge" itself and the theme costumes are the basis and extra points come mostly from innovativeness, team spirit and reaching the finish line. Speed isn't a merit, as long as you aren't hopelessly slow! The size of the team isn't limited, but one should give thought to whether those who can't fit in the sledge actually contribute to the added value of the team. The winners will receive the legendary challenge cup and the name of the winning team carved into it along with media and attendee publicity.


First of May – Students’ main day

30 April - 1 May

The First of May or "Vappu" is the Finnish version of Labour Day that we celebrate to honour working people. It is also the biggest student festival of the year, bringing together tens of thousands of students and other citizens of Turku.

On 30 April at 5:30 pm the whole city gathers at Turku Art Museum to listen to music and speeches. At 6pm sharp, we all put on our students caps (ylioppilaslakki). The moment when thousands of students with their caps have gathered at Aurakatu is by far the most impressive part of Vappu. You don’t want to miss this! After the "capping", Vappu celebration continues at 6:30 pm in the Runeberg Park where dental students will wash the Lilja Statue.

For students the day starts a bit earlier. Student organizations traditionally offer vappu punches to drink around campus.

On 1 May from noon untill late afternoon, students and other citizens gather at Vartiovuorenmäki for picnic. After Vappu extravaganza the previous night, now it's time to enjoy the spring in relaxed atmosphere, eat traditional Vappu meal and drink some sparkling wine with friends.