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Turku Impro Festival - Lauantaishow: Poppycock & Crocodile Paws

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18.05.2019 - 18:00 - 20:00
Turun ylioppilasteatteri
Läntinen rantakatu 23, 20100 Turku
Turku Impro Festival

Lauantaishow – Poppycock & Crocodile Paws

Saturday 18.5. 18-20

Turun ylioppilasteatteri, Läntinen rantakatu 23

Tickets 15/10€


Show is in English!

Poppycock – Proper nonsense

Four friends, together on stage, unrestricted by format, and guided only by their instincts. This structureless improv show follows patterns, themes, and internal inspirations, combining scenes and elements of gameplay together seamlessly with strong characters and interesting relationships. This show can be hilarious, heartwarming, and possibly horrifying as well. Our show starts out with a simple suggestion or theme and then branches out into the unknown. The result is a fast, witty and undeniably funny experience.

Poppycock is Trent Pancy, Tuure Pitkänen, Boris Kashentsev and Ulla Oksanen; 4 improvisers based in Tampere who have played together for over 6 years. While they all come from different cultural and professional backgrounds, they are tied together by their love of being playful, fast, and bold on stage. The members of Poppycock have extensive experience from performing improv both in Finland and at international festivals. Free form improvisation is the bread and butter of Poppycock, and it inspires them to let their collective imagination run wild. Poppycock performances are a testament to what can happen when friends get together to act like fools.

Crocodile Paws – Fly With Me

Two years ago, these two improvisors traveled across oceans and met by chance. It was love at first sight, except that Sara is from the United States and Kaisa is from Finland. What to do? Well, that is a long story, but I will tell you this, their wedding was a delight. Needless to say, they are thrilled to be able to create and perform together and to share their duo show with you all.

Please join us for a narrative journey inspired by a single audience suggestion as we build characters and a world full of wonder and awe. Weaving a story that ties places, people and moments together. Come share this unique experience with us as we hit the stage at the Turku Impro Festival!