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Tuition fee info tent – ask about tuition fees and write a post card

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04.06.2015 - 12:00
In front of the TYY’s office / Assari

Finland has worked hard during the last few decades to become noticed around the world. Our country has become the choice of many international students because of the free higher education.
The hot topic of tuition fees was included in the negotiations on 13 May when Finland’s future government for the next 4 years was discussing on immigration and foreign policy. Although the next government wants to improve labour-based immigration, it also wants to introduce tuition fees for high education level students coming from outside EU and EEA.

The experiences from Sweden and Denmark show that the tuition fee system would actually create more costs than benefits and harm our internationalization.

We want Finland to remain tuition fee free!

Come to have coffee/ tea/juice with us in front of TYY’s office on Thursday 4 June at 12-15 and learn more about tuition fees. You can also write tuition fee themed post card to our new members of parliament.

Do you have any questions about tuition fee plans? Come and ask us, we're here for you!

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Time: Thursday 4 June at 12-15
Place: In front of the TYY’s office / Assari