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The Origin of the Universe

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14.03.2017 - 16:15 - 17:45
Yliopistonmäki, Main Building, Lecture Hall II.
Veritas Forum Finland, Turun Yliopisto ja Turun OPKO

Turku: The Origin of the Universe
Tuesday, March 14 at 16.15‒17.45, University of Turku
- Venue: Yliopistonmäki, Main Building, Lecture Hall II.
- Speakers: Doctor of Philosophy Peter Payne, Institute for Credible Christianity (California, USA) and Professor of Philosophy Joseph Almog, University of Turku.
- Moderator: Professor of Comparative Religion Matti Kamppinen, University of Turku. Together with the University of Turku.
Professor Joseph Almog is seeking to regain a political philosophy that is not about rational selves but embedded in the actual natural history of zoological humans. Doctor Peter Payne speaks and trains in apologetics. His topics are for example Science and Christianity, Quran and Bible, “Somethingism”, Design in the Universe and Suffering.