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Suomipassi is going to be a mobile application

The language passport called Suomipassi was designed for international students in cooperation with Finnish language teacher Jenni Laine (Centre for Language and Communication Studies) and the Student Union of the University of Turku to encourage students to use more Finnish outside the classroom. During the autumn semester 2017 Finnish course students visited 30 places in Turku and spoke Finnish more than 200 times! Well done!

"Suomipassi helped us to understand that international students need more opportunities to use Finnish language," says Satu Nurmi, TYY’s specialist in international affairs. "In addition to Suomipassi, we shared every week Finnish words and phrases in our social media channels. Learn Finnish with TYY campaign continues in our English newsletter."

Suomipassi will be available as mobile application for all new international students when they arrive to Turku this autumn.

Suomipassi is part of Study in Turku -cooperation. Read more: studyinturku.fi

Study in Turku – Opiskelijakaupunki Turku is the co-operation of the City of Turku, higher education institutions, student unions and representatives of the economic life. Up to 40,000 students study in Turku’s six higher education institutions. Turku aspires to become Finland’s most interesting and the Baltic Sea's most inspiring student city, a great place to live and work after graduating.

Read more about the cooperation here