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Improvement of studying environments is important

Paavo Esko Valtteri Palanterä | 13.02.2018

Within our University, we all share a common wish. A wish, that we students would have the best possible chances of finding success in our studies. Among many things, our everyday studying environment is something that contributes to those chances a lot, and therefore is something, that should be kept in consideration, at all times.

So what are the things that make a supportive studying environment? The answer, to that question, is not that simple. The answer would most likely be different, based on who is answering. But there lies the main principle! What we need from our environment varies, so, what we need is a variety of environments! Rooms and places that are different from one another, or ones that can be modified based on the current need.

Of the two mentioned solutions, the latter becomes the more critical one for two reasons. Firstly, our campus areas have little space to expand. Secondly, many of the University’s current rooms are on low usage, so the amount is not the real problem. The focus on improving the studying environments should therefore be, and is, on making the existing rooms more modifiable.

But just fixing the existing rooms doesn’t fix the fact that the rooms are on low usage. The underlying problem is the poor reachability of the existing rooms. The usages would rise immensely if the rooms were better available for students to utilize. This is true throughout our University, but availability is especially a problem for our students studying in Rauma.

So how come the availability is so poor? As always, the answer is complicated, but at least part of the problem lies on money. The usage of the said rooms isn’t free, so who should be the one to pay for the usage? The department, the Faculty, The University or someone else? Maybe the real problem is not the money but ideologies and principles. Perhaps investing to the studying environments should be seen as an investment on students’ capabilities to study, which will cut costs in the long run.

All and all, the situation isn’t ideal. But it doesn’t mean that things aren’t heading to a better direction. The issue is not only addressed by our Student Unions Plan of Action and Target Program 2018 – 2020 but the goal is also within the spirit of the strategy of the University of Turku. So even though there is a lot to be achieved, I am positive, that things are getting better by the day.'

Last year the University of Turku offered some modifiable temporary Pop up studying enviroments for the students.

Vice Chair
Paavo Esko Valtteri Palanterä