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The Development of International Student's Participation in Student Union Activities

| 03.10.2011

TYY has written in several of it's policy documents that supervision on interests of the international students should be developed and that international students should be encouraged to participate in the student union activities. Eventhough constant efforts on enhancing international affairs have been made, there has been no rapid change with the participation of international students.

One of the most important factors affecting the participation of international students is communication with the native students. It is difficult to define what is the causation underlying the lack of participation due to communicational reasons. One hand it is difficult for the international students to participate while not all information is availiable in English. On the other hand the incentives to increase resources and efforts on international affairs is low while participation in the student union activities is limited to only a very small group of international students.

The student assocation  of Stockholm school of economics made radical change a few years ago when they changed English as their official language. The change raised a lot of discussion while some groups found that it may threaten the interests of people who English is not their first language but after a while this was not seen any longer as a threat.

In my opinion rapid change may sometimes require radical approaches. Therefore I hope that during council elections there will be discussions on international affairs.