Olet täällä

A unique multicultural environment

| 21.03.2011

A vast number of the international students studying in Turku live at the student village. The student village has become a multicultural environment with dozens of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Many of the exchange students have stated that residency at the student village has been one of the best experiences during their stay in Finland. Not often one gets an opportunity to live with such a vide spectrum of different nationalities. Even many native finnish students have become more international in the student village.

Most of the international students live in apartments equipped with a shared kitchen. The kitchen often becomes a social hub where the residents meet and dine together. A shared kitchen can provide a great opportunity to get to know foreign cuisines and people. Often the residents meet each other’s in the kitchen and share experiences.

Unfortunately there has been some misuse of the kitchens, which has forced the Student foundation of Turku to close some of the kitchens during nighttime. This may disturb the lives of many residents. The Student Union of the University of Turku, TYY, is cooperating with the other student unions of Turku to find a solution to the misuse of the kitchens. It is very unfortunate that bad behaviour of single individuals may affect the lives of the whole student village community. It is important that the multicultural environment stays lively even in the future.