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Call for Participants for JA Challenge Turku 2015 Innovation Camp

Uutinen | 16.2.2015


The JA Challenge Turku 2015 is a 24 hour innovation camp for STUDENTS*. The participants work in multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions to the given Challenge. Every team has a dedicated Tutor who will help and guide the team throughout the Challenge. The working language is English.


18–19 March, 2015


University of Turku, Teutori (tbc)

Who can apply?

Students from all the Higher education institutions in Turku are warmly welcomed!

What’s in it for me?

  • skills in multidisciplinary problem solving in multicultural teams
  • general working life skills
  • networking with other students and with working life
  • basic understanding of futures orientation
  • basic entrepreneurial skills
  • 1 ECTS, but you should check in advance from your own institution that the credits are accepted into your diploma.

Like before, the City of Turku will give this year’s Challenge, but the exact Challenge will be kept secret until the beginning of the Camp. The team with the best innovations will be rewarded. The JA Challenge Turku 2015 will kick off at noon 18 March, and end 24 hours later, at noon 19 March 2015. During the camp the participants work, eat, rest and have fun at the Camp. All you need to do is to bring your skills, knowledge, imagination, and curiosity with you!

Apply NOW! 

Application deadline is 4 March 2015 / until 50 participants are reached. Applicants will be chosen in the order of enrolment. Fill in your registration at:


Follow Challenge Turku in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/challengeturku

More information:

Johanna Aaltonen
Brahea Centre at the University of Turku
johaalt@utu.fi, +358 40 199 3870

*Organised by the University of Turku in close co-operation with other Higher education institutions in Turku, the YES Network, the City of Turku, Microsoft, Boost Turku, and other selected companies. Minor changes possible.