How can I vote?

Voting is super simple! The link to the electronic voting will be added to and By clicking the link, you'll open the voting system and can sign in using your UTU account. After signing in you'll see the list of candidates. Click on the candidate of your choosing, after which you'll have to confirm your selection. After confirmation, your vote is registered in the system!

Goodness gracious, I seem to have forgotten to pay the Student Union membership fee on time! Is there anything I can do to still be able to vote?

You can be admitted into the electoral roll if you pay your membership fee and inform the secretary general ( that you have done so by 4 p.m. on September 29. There might be a few day delay before your payment information has been transmitted to the Student Union membership register, so be prepared to submit proof of payment (e.g. a receipt) as well. After the aforementioned deadline, no new entries shall be admitted into the electoral roll.

Help, I can't sign in! What now?

The most likely reason is that you are not eligible to vote. To be eligible, you would have had to have paid the Student Union membership fee on time. You can check your eligibility from the list of voters at the TYY Service Desk (Student House A, 1st floor).

If you know you are eligible to vote, but are still having difficulty signing in, check that your username and password are correct. If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new one at

Can I vote traditionally, with a paper ballot?

We are using an electronic voting system, thus voting is only possible via the internet.

Can I vote at the Student Union offices?

TYY does not maintain voting booths or machines anywhere on campus nor at our offices. You can vote with any device that has an internet connection and a suitable user interface.

What to do if I require assistance with the voting?

You can ask any trustworthy person to assist you with the voting, or contact the central election committee ( and they will appoint an official assistant to help you.

Oops! I gave my vote to the wrong candidate, can I change it?

The voting system does not connect your UTU username with the vote you've given, only that you have voted, so the vote is final. Unfortunately it cannot be changed once given.

A candidate/electoral coalition is acting in an inapproriate manner, what to do?

If you happen to witness inapproriate activity, bullying or otherwise untoward behaviour relating to the elections by candidates or electoral coalitions, please contact the central election committee ( as soon as possible, so they can handle the situation accordingly.

I'm having trouble choosing a candidate to vote, what to do?

With the voting aid application, you can compare your answers with the candidates' responses in 21 different questions.

If filling out the application didn't provide enough help, you can also contact the different electoral coalitions and inquire their opinions on matters that interest you.

I don't want to vote for any of the candidates, but I wish to honor the democratic process. Anything I can do?

Are you sure that you didn't find a suitable candidate? Did you use the voting aid application? Did you contact the electoral coalitions and/or candidates?

Yes, I'm sure. Nothing helped.

Leaving a blank vote is also possible.

So, who'll win the election?

Regardless of the outcome of these elections, the winners will be democracy and the students of the University of Turku.