Subject-specific Organisations

Subject associations are registered organisations formed by students. The purpose of these organisations is to look after the status of the subject and its students at the University of Turku as well as keep tabs on the level of teaching in the major. The subject associations also organise diverse free-time activities from sitsit parties to excursions and gorodki (kyykkä) games to throwing model aeroplanes.

Student Nations

A feature particular to the Nordic countries, in some old universities, is the existence of student nations (osakunta). There are four at TYY. The basic idea behind these organisations has been to bring students who originally come from a particular region together and organise diverse recreational and entertainment activities for them. Nowdays, the concept of region doesn’t really carry the same meaning anymore; students join a student nation because of the activities it has to offer. Student nations have a rich in tradition and their cultural activities are significant on a larger scale, reaching out to the whole of Turku.

List of Student Nations (in Finnish)

Other Student Organisations

In addition to subject associations and student nations there are over 60 other organisations at TYY. Everyone is sure to find some activity of interest out of these organisations. These sub-organisations will gladly take new members regardless of their field of study.

In political and religious organisations, you can spend time with people who think in the same way as you do or get to know new ways of looking at the world.

In cultural organisations you can fulfil your dreams by singing, playing an instrument, acting or even doing photography. These organisations arrange classes and of course concerts and performances where everyone is welcome.

Athletic organisations offer many different possibilities for improving fitness or to get involved in sports with some nice people and even get up to the competitive level.

International organisations offer an effortless and excellent opportunity to be involved with local internationalisation. Furthermore, you’ll get to practise your language skills, educate yourself and be a part of an international environment.

You can, for example, play Nintendo, promote equality or have an academic barbeque in the sub-organisations, if you like.

Get to know the organisations through the links below and climb aboard!

List of Other Student Organisations (in Finnish)

TYY in Rauma and Pori

Rauma: Opekas ry

The first students of the Rauma Teacher Seminar established their own student union under the name Toverikunta (“union of associates”) on 7 October 1896. However, its activities never really ever sopped. In the beginning years, there were only a few dozen members in the union. The number of members rose to over 700 over the century. As far as we know, Opekas ry is Finland’s oldest subject organisation.

There are approximately 700 students in Opekas from five different education tracks including Sloyd Teacher Education, Class Teacher Education, Kindergarten Teacher Education, Special Education and also those doing research in the science of technology education and in early education. This guarantees bringing about a functioning communal spirit between teacher groups during the members’ study days.

The largest and probably most visible part of Opekas activity is its events. Traditional events organised by Opekas ry are, for example, the run around Seminaarinmäki, Valentiine’s Day rusette skating, sitsit parties, graduation ceremony, various café evenings, its brilliant annual ball in April where new and old students and teachers celebrate together and much, much more.

Pori: Pointer ry

All students at the University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) who have paid their membership fee to their own Student Union and filled the Pointer membership form (available at Student Services) are members of Pointer ry. For exchange students, there's an additional 20 € fee.

Student Association Pointer was founded in 1988 and it´s aim is to advance the position of students in society and provide them with various services.

Pointer´s Main Operations
• Delivering Information (the students of UCP and Student Societies in Satakunta area, Studenthouse Saikku and other interest groups)
• Student Services (student cards, year tags, sports and copying services, tutoring etc.)
• Interest Representation (statements, research, committee work)
• Co-operation (with The City of Pori, UCP, FSHS, Student Unions, Student Societies etc.)
• Events (Pointer organizes various student events. The biggest event is first of May, 'Akateeminen Wappu' )

Kulma ry

Kulma ry (literal translation: “corner”) is the subject organisation of University of Turku students in Pori studying at the School of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, which is a part of the Faculty of Humanities. Kulma was established in 2002.

Kulma ry is a TYY sub-organisation and one of its jobs is to also work as a direct link to the residencies of the University of Turku. Kulma also works in cooperation with the join student organisation of the University Consortium of Pori, Pointer ry. The cooperative work mainly concerns the organisation of events and tutoring. In addition, the organisation works with other subject associations that take action inside the University Consortium. The most important channel of cooperation is the regularly held student association meetings. One of the consortium’s significant events is the annual academic Wappu.

One of the most important duties of Kulma is to protect the interests of students at the School of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies. Kulma also helps and counsels in other daunting matters, such as finding housing, FSHS services, applying for State financial aid etc. by distributing information to or advising its students. Student members of the department council keep every student in the organisation informed about matters concerning studies either though Kulma or by another approved means of communication.