There are no tuition fees for exchange students and for most international degree students in Finland, therefore the students are expected to finance their living costs by themselves.  Unlike in many countries, job opportunities in campus are uncommon. The job situation in Turku is challenging at the moment.  There is however useful websites to look for part time job opportunities during studies:


Students who arrive in Turku for an internship are considered as employees of the host organization, whether their internship is paid or not. Please notice that the interns at the University of Turku will not be registered as students and they are not entitled to the student benefits. This means that you will have higher living costs in Turku than e.g. an exchange student. Also the employees benefits vary depending on whether the internship is paid or not.

Read more about internships for international students on the website

Scholarships and Social Insurance Institution of Finland

  • You can read about scholarship application process at university's intranet
  • Finnish State gives financial support for foreign students permanently living Finland based on other reason than studying. You can get more information at Kela's website.

TYY's International Sector

Together with its partners TYY's International sector organises events on focus with employment. In 2015 autumn we organise company visits and take part of Working in Finland seminars. In addition TYY is member of the Polku Projetc.

Polku project

The project aims to help international students in the higher education institutions in Turku area to act as a productive part of the local industry after graduation. The focus is on a win-win situation where individual students can find a position according to their level of education and career plans at the same time as the industry in the Turku area can get new competences (cultural, language, innovation etc.) and contacts that further their development and internationalization.

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Me2We &

TYY is constantly looking for great partners to improve the working possibilities of international students.

Find out more about campaign on their own website